During our many years of presence in the real estate business, the qualities that define us are professionalism, consistency, transparency, flexibility and our orientation to the perfect serving of our customers’ needs.


Athinaiki Real Estate, which was established in 1990, is a real estate agency in Athens, Greece, that engages in the purchase and sale of commercial property. Professionalism and focus on meeting the needs of the real estate market drove Athinaiki Real Estate Agency on expanding steadily its range of services and undertaking major projects of high demand and special knowledge.


We believe that in all market conditions, good or bad, there are opportunities provided you know where to find them. These opportunities are available to those with the ability to capitalize on them and with Athinaiki Real Estate’s unique position and local knowledge you will have a trusted partner able to deliver a full range of property services to enable you to realize these opportunities.


In the current challenging economic conditions, it is vital that the real estate advice and assistance you receive is based on experience and long-term market knowledge and Athinaiki Real Estate have both these qualities.


Delivering results with consistency, transparency and flexibility, Athinaiki Real Estate is a reliable partner in every transaction.


Our aim is to answer to your needs, offering you the right building, as well as a wide range of real estate services such as:


At Athinaiki Real Estate our principle aim is our client’s satisfaction, providing essential and quality real estate services, with consistency, transparency and velocity. 


At Athinaiki Real Estate, we adopt policies that enhance the value of cooperation and that promote consistency, transparency and velocity.  By applying the skills and experience of its executives in the best possible way, Athinaiki Real Estate aims at the immediate processing and conclusion of mutually satisfactory agreements for the purchase and sale of your commercial property.


Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships of trust with customers and partners.

Customer Care

Our customers are our best ambassadors!


The healthy business growth of Athinaiki Real Estate since its establishment has been founded on the value that clients have attached to our services, a fact clearly documented by the high percentage of referral assignments.


Preserving our professionalism and dependability, we are always at your disposal on a personal level for the development and protection of your investment. We focus our efforts solely on achieving results to meet your requirements; your satisfaction is our aim.